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(English) firmware version 1.1 released

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Shortly after version 1.0 we have released version 1.1 of our firmware, which is now based on Gluon v2016.1.1
Beside some minor bugfixes, we have added support for the TP-Link TL-MR13U v1 and Onion Omega.
If you want to this firmware on an Ubiquity device, you no longer need to downgrade AirOS to v5.5.x, it is now also safe to install the Freemesh firmware from AirOS v5.6.x.

firmware version 1.0 released

After a several experimental versions, we finally released the version 1.0 of our firmware.
We are now using Gluon v2016.1 which is based on OpenWrt “Chaos Calmer” 12.05.
Beside a lot of stability and performance optimisation, this version adds support for a bunch of new routers, for example the TP-Link WR841N v10 and WR1043ND v3. The complete list is available here.

Important: With this release we are switching from IBSS to the 802.11s meshing protocol. This means that routers with an older firmware version cannot communicate ower wifi with a v1.0 firmware router. So please keep this in mind if you have any router that are not directly connected to the internet.

experimental support for WR841N v10 and WR1043ND v3

We released an new experimental firmware version which now supports the latest hardware revision of the popular WR841N router. Also v3 of the WR1043ND is now supported among other models.
The experimental firmware can be found here:
There are no major issues known in this version. A stable version of this firmware will be probably released in the next week